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Author Friends

I love spreading the love to all of my lovely friends. On this page you will find a list of my favorite authors and review sites. Without these wonderful people in my life, I don’t think I would be where I am now. So a great big thank you to all of you….Show them some love by checking out their sites!


Kissa Starling – www.kissastarling.com
Clarissa Yip – http://clarissayip.com/
TM Hunter – http://astonwest.com/
TK Toppin – http://www.thelancasterrule.blogspot.com/
Allison Knight – http://www.allisonknight.com
JL Saint – http://jenniferstgiles.com/content/
Jennifer St.Giles – http://jenniferstgiles.com/content/
Jennifer Saints – http://jenniferstgiles.com/content/
Sonia Rumzi –  http://soniarumzi.com/
Lady Victoria Kelly – http://www.historicalromancebooks.ca
Patricia Bates – www.patbatesromances.com
Jennifer LaBelle – http://labellebooks.blogspot.com/

Jackie Smith – http://jackiemsmith.weebly.com/

Savannah Chase – http://savannahchase.com/


Raine Delight: http://authorrainedelight.com/

Review Sites:

Final Cut Editing – http://finalcutediting.viviti.com/
Let’s Talk Romance Reviews – www.letstalkromancereviews.com

Editing –

Final Cut Editing – http://finalcutediting.viviti.com/

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