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A note from AJ: I’ve fallen in love with a new author. Karpov Kinrade. I had to bring them to you so you could fall in love too. Please read what they have to say about Paris as a Character! Then, since I love you so much, KK has said that they love you as well and that they are going to give one of you a FREE copy of When the Heart Falls. Now, I can’t enter this one guys, so do me proud and enter for me and WIN BIG! You have one week, so tell everyone!

Now on to the star, ladies and gentleman, Karpov Kinrade!

whenWhile outlining When the Heart Falls, we wanted a setting that would feel new, different, and exciting to most readers. We settled on Paris, a place most people want to visit, but haven’t had a chance to. If they have, they want to visit again!

We wanted our novel to feel, in a way, like a journey through the city. If you don’t have time for a vacation to France, you might have time to read When the Heart Falls and enjoy the culture, romance and beauty that way.

Paris is full of amazing architecture, which was a great way for us to bring out Cade’s knowledge of buildings and history. It’s also a very artistic place, which fit with Winter’s creativity and desire to write. Paris was the perfect place for both Winter and Cade to come together, showcasing their natural talents and special skills and knowledge.

Researching the details to make Paris truly come alive required many hours online, as well as referencing, heavily, Kimberly’s time studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. Yes. She actually went to the same school as Winter and Cade. We were able to include many great tales from her studies abroad, like the fact that you have to bring your own toilet paper to the dorm bathrooms. (See Chapter 5 to find out how this affected Winter and her roommate!) Kimberly also had the unfortunate experience of having to balance over a hole in the ground in heels to pee standing up while at an outdoor party in Paris, just like Winter.

But our research led to some unexpected knowledge, and was the best part of our research experience.

The Top 5 Most Wonderful and Unique Things We Learned About Paris:

1. There are gas pumps on the side of the road, like right on the sidewalk. You can just pull over to a lonely little gas pump and fill up.

2. The city is built on really old tunnels, and they now have a weight limit for buildings. That’s why you don’t see any skyscrapers in Paris. If someone tried building one, the entire city might collapse.

3. The Eiffel Tower was built as an entryway to the 1889th World Exhibition. They actually had plans to take the tower down later, but fortunately decided against it, mainly because it was useful as a radio tower.

4: The Pont des Arts is sometimes called Lover’s Bridge, because couples leave padlocks fixed to the bridge to symbolize their eternal love. The practice is common on other bridges in Paris as well.

5: The Notre Dame Cathedral took around 100 years to build and ended up outgrowing the original design, resulting in the addition of more columns and gargoyles in order to support the structure.

We enjoyed learning so much about the City of Love, and only wished we could have taken a trip to Paris for more ‘in person’ research!

Thank you for reading. We hope you get to experience the magic of Paris one day. If not in person, then at least through When the Heart Falls.


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